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About people and about war

Web Series (Season) 11 minutes
About people and about war
Genres: Drama
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About people and about war
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The cycle "About people and about the war" is a collection of short stories based on the stories of people who experienced the hardships of wartime. These are tragic, heroic or even ironic cases that happened to boys and girls during the war of 1941-1945. They were young and beautiful guys who had dreams, plans, love, happiness and creativity ahead of them. But the war intervened.

In the modern world, it is not easy to keep the memory of the feat of our ancestors. With our project, we want to remind you that even in the darkest and most terrible days, there is a place for exploits, ingenuity, self-sacrifice, funny coincidences and, of course, love.

People rarely and reluctantly talk about their terrible experience. Therefore, there are very few truly truthful materials that have been preserved, not about the assaults and attacks, but about the ordinary everyday life of the war.

Everyone has their own war - even theatrical artists. Only instead of weapons they have emotions, and they fight not with enemy troops, but with pain, fear and sadness.
The propaganda team gives a performance for the wounded Red Army soldiers. A cheerful performance raises the morale of the fighters, allows you to temporarily forget about the hardships of wartime.
Pavel - one of the artists - comes to the ward of seriously wounded soldiers, where, among other things, an unfamiliar girl lies. He decides to make a performance just for her. From now on, this story is no longer about war, but about bright hope, miracle and love. Sometimes only something spiritual can save the physical.
"Про людей и про войну" - это цикл антологий о трагических, героических и даже иронических случаях, произошедших с юношами и девушками во время войны 1941-1945 годов. Это были молодые и красивые ребята, у которых впереди были мечты, планы, любовь, счастье и творчество. Но вмешалась война.

В современном мире нелегко сохранить память о подвиге наших предков. Своим проектом мы хотим напомнить, что даже в самые мрачные и страшные дни есть место подвигу, находчивости, самопожертвованию, забавным совпадениям и, конечно, любви.

Люди редко и неохотно рассказывают о своем страшном опыте. Поэтому сохранилось очень мало по-настоящему правдивых материалов не о штурмах и атаках, а об обычных буднях войны.

Переведено с помощью (бесплатная версия)
Studio: Artel Film Production
From: Russian Federation
Produced In: Russian Federation
Writers: Aleksej OnishchenkoEkaterina HarlamovaPavel Chizh

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