Butterfly Dream


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    Available:  Sep 23, 2021 05:00
    Until:  Sep 27, 2021 04:59
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Butterfly Dream

A robot human Yeo Miro manufactured by the City of Yeosu takes a time travel to Yeosu in 2023.

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Created by Yeosu City
Lead Actors Lim Hwei JinPark Ji Young
Supporting Actors Yang JunKim Sae Rom
Key Crew Joo Ho YeonAhn Min SooKim Yun Hyeok



Far into the future in 2100, the human population has dropped rapidly. Fearing the complete extinction of humanity, a country runs a human production factory and raising newborn infants in incubators. Yeo Miro meets Jeong Da-jeong and falls in love with him. After, he looks back on his life growing up in an incubator and feels the affection of a large family.