Welcome to the Minnesota WebFest Judges Portal!

As a judge for Minnesota WebFest, your chief task is to review the finalist nominees in the category or categories to which you have been assigned and pick a winner. In most cases, you are assigned a co-judge.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the invitation code for EACH invitation you received in the mail here.
  2. Fill out your bio and upload a head shot here.
  3. Review each finalist.
  4. Pick a winner.
  5. Wait for your co-judge to pick a winner.
  6. If you both agree on the winner, make your pick final.
  7. If you do not agree, discuss until you can agree and then make your picks final.
  8. If you absolutely cannot come to an agreement, notify us and we will assign someone to break the deadlock.

In addition, round 1 judges are asked to make nominations for the round 2 categories. So, if you are judging a genre, keep an eye out for shows and individuals that should be nominated for the various skill and community categories.

Judging Categories

The following table contains the invitations you have accepted (Accept New Invitation):

User Profile and Biography

Please provide a brief bio and headshot for marketing purposes. If you represent an Official Selection or are a judge, we will use this information in social media and the festival program. For all users, this information is used on this web site. Judges should take special care to make sure the email provided is a public email. Apple lets you sign up with a private email address and your co-judge cannot contact you via that private email address.

Upload a 500x500 headshot.
Given name you would like used publicly in association with this festival.
Family name you would like used publicly in association with this festival.
The email address that should be used by the community to contact you. We will not use this email to contact you, but will instead use whatever email you signed up with.
A brief (less than 380 character) bio for use on the site and in festival materials.

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The following judges have been assigned to this category (other judges' picks are hidden until you click on them):


Nominees are divided into finalists and runners-up. You need review only the finalists to pick a winner.


Feel free to review runners-up for nominations to open nomination categories. However, they are no longer eligible at this stage of voting to win in this category.


Because you are judging a pilot category, you should judge ONLY the pilot for this series even if other episodes are linked herein.

All episodes and trailers linked from this page that match the season under consideration are fair game for review. This includes (in order of preference):

  1. The videos embedded at the bottom of this page.
  2. The judging screener linked from this page.
  3. The site where they publicly stream the series.

Please do not consider episodes from other seasons and do not include secondary information. Just consider what you see on screen. Watch as many episodes as you need to come to a decision.

Content Warnings: 
Streaming URL: 
Judging Screener: 
Screener Password: 

Video Assets





I Nominate This Series for...

Part of your task as a judge in this category is to make nominations to other categories. If you think this series or elements of this series are worthy of consideration for other awards, please make those nominations here. You may nominate for any of the following categories:

      My Notes

      You may add as many notes as you like about this entry in this category. These notes are FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE. They are stored encrypted in our database and no one else will ever see them. We will also wipe them when the judging period is over.

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      Pick the finalist that you deem the most worthy of this award. AFTER you and your judges have discussed your votes and you vote is certain not to change, finalize it. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR VOTE ONCE IT HAS BEEN FINALIZED.

      Specify the category for which you'd like to nominate this show, rate its strength as a nominee, and, if required, the name of the individual (e.g. the actor for Best Dramatic Performance).