Minnesota WebFest Creator Portal

Congratulations on being an Official Selection for the 2020 Minnesota WebFest. You've put a lot of work into producing a great web series and now we want to put a lot of work into promoting your series. To that end, we need some information and assets from you.

To fill out this form, you will need your tracking number from FilmFreeway and the email address associated with your submission. You can fill out partial information and return to this form at any time as many times as you need, up to the deadline. HOVER OVER LABELS TO GET HELP ON EACH FIELD.


Status: Incomplete

Imaginary Captions Download Code:

Download Laurels

As an Official Selection of Minnesota WebFest 2020, you receive a free copy of Imaginary Captions from festival sponsor Imaginary Productions. Imaginary Captions is captioning software for the Mac. Use the code listed above to visit the App Store for Mac. Do not visit the Imaginary Captions page in the store. Instead, visit the App Store home page and, at the bottom, find the link to enter your promo code. Click it and enter the code above.

If there are any issues with your submission, they are noted below:

Your Nominations

Minnesota WebFest announces nominations in three stages. The first is our genre nominations followed a few weeks later by skill and community nominations. Finally, we announce several other nominations at the awards ceremony.

Track your nominations and awards here.

Marketing Pitch Contest

For the first time in Minnesota WebFest history, we are offering a cash prize. As the questions in this form illustrate, we are committed to the often ignored aspect of web series creation: promoting your series and building an audience. We thus decided to take some of the money we weren't spending on a physical venue this year and channel it back to you to reward the creator who is able to serve as an example to other creators on what a good promotional plan looks like.


The deadline for entry into this competition has passed. Thank you to all who submitted!

Screening Information

Due to COVID-19, the Minnesota WebFest will have online screenings as part of our 2020 festival. We have gone to great lengths to make sure we won't cause you to violate any contractual obligations by having your series screen online. Our screening model should avoid triggering any deferred payments for SAG/AFTRA signatories and prevent other common online screening conflicts. In particular:

  • All viewers must register and sign in to watch our online screenings.
  • The screening period starts on September 24, 2020 and ends September 27, 2020, except for judges who get earlier access to judge for awards.
  • We can optionally geo-block certain regions for you, if necessary.
  • We DO NOT charge any money for the screening or the festival in general.

You are responsible for reviewing and understanding all your contractual obligations. If you have a contractual obligation that would preclude you from screening under this conditions, please let us know. You will still have a show "home page" on the screening site, but people will not be able to watch the series. You will also still be eligible for all nominations and awards.

Due to other contractual obligations, your series cannot screen online.

Core Information

The following is the core information we need for every series. Please be careful and check the spelling and punctuation.

The name of the production company under which your series was produced.
Primary Language What is the primary language of the dialog throughout the series? If the series has multiple spoken languages, pick the most prevalent.
What is the OFFICIAL TITLE of your series as you MARKET it in English-language countries? If you use your non-English title to market the series everywhere, then enter the non-English title. Make sure the title uses the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation you want used in our program and online.
What is the OFFICIAL TITLE of your series as you MARKET it in the primary language? If you always use the English-language title to market the series, enter the English-language title here. Make sure the title uses the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation you want used in our program and online.
Do you prefer us to use the native language title or the English title when talking about your series?
Countries What countries should be credited with this production? For most shows, the answer to this question will be obvious. If your show was a multi-national collaboration, however, pick up to three countries that best answer this question.
Provide the names of up to three people (separated by commas) who should be credited as the creators of this series. You define "creator" however you like. The form will let you cheat and enter more than three people. Unfortunately, our program will include only the first three.

Image Assets

This section asks for the key image assets we need to promote your series. Hover over the label for for the field to get information on exact specifications.

Series Logo We use your logo in many different contexts both for promoting the series and during our festival program. The ideal logo is in a squarish form factor with a transparent background in PNG format. TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND!!!
Square Poster
Square Poster
We need a square, 1000x1000 pixel JPG poster to help us promote the series on social media. This form will reject anything but a 1000x1000 image. If you don't have one ready-made, you should make one anyways as this is the best general form factor for social media.
Landscape Poster
Landscape Poster
The landscape poster is used mostly during the festival program itself. It is another asset you should be able to use well beyond the Minnesota WebFest. It's a 1920x1080 JPG image. The form will reject anything that is not 1920x1080.
Portrait Poster
Portrait Poster
The portrait poster is used in some mobile device contexts in which the landscape poster is won't work. This is a poster with typical one-sheet dimensions—which, again, is something you should have prepared in general for promoting your show. It is a 508x752 JPG image.

Series Meta Data

This section asks for all the extra information about your show like genres and content warnings.

Genres Specify up to three genres in which your show should be classified.
Please provide relevant content warnings to help parents be aware of any age-sensitive content during our screenings. Select as many warnings as apply to your series.
This is your typical series logline—a description of your series in just one line. Limit: 200 characters.

A longer description of the series and its plot. Limit: 380 characters

Social Media

Our primary promotional vehicle is social media and we want to make sure that we are tagging you and linking to your social media whenever possible. Don't forget to tag us as well!

A comma-separated list of hashtags you use on social media when marketing your series.
Your Instagram user name.
Your Twitter handle.
The link to your page on Facebook.
The URL for your series web site, if any.
Your series page on IMDB.

Streaming Details

We will be working hard to drive viewers to watch your full series if it is currently available. This section asks about your distribution information.

We will report viewing information about your series during the festival to your Google Analytics account if you have one. If you don't know what we're asking for here, then you probably don't have a Google Analytics account and don't need to worry about this!
When did the series first become available to the public? This does not include screenings at film festivals or other closed distributions. In other words, on what day the show first become available on a streaming platform like Seeka TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime, your show web site, etc? Give us a date even if the show is no longer available to the public.
Is the series CURRENTLY available online for the public to watch (free, PPV, subscription)?
What is the PRIMARY streaming platform on which you are distributed in North America? If you are not available in North America or have a focus other than North America, specify your primary overall streaming platform.
We'll get that added to our list!
If there's a direct link to watching your show, what is it?


The fields in this section are NOT required and judges do not see the answers. We work to make sure that content in the Minnesota WebFest represents diversity across multiple dimensions and these questions help us understand how well we have done in achieving those objectives. They have no bearing on whether or not your are nominated for or win any awards.

These questions relate to the people who have provided the vision behind the series. These are the people who have had the most significant creative impact on the series. The series creator, the director, and writers are obvious candidates. For some series, other individuals (e.g. producers) may also have impacted the series vision and should count. We are specifically NOT talking about people who simply provided financial support or services. That means this section does not include general crew or cast.

Do one or more members of the core vision team identify as a woman?
Do one or more members of the core vision team identify as LGBTQ+?
Do one or more members of the core vision team identify as non-binary?
What are the ethnicities that make up the core-vision team? Select all that apply. This list is unusual in that we have representation objectives both for US-filmmakers and non-US filmmakers and so we differentiate accordingly. As you answer this question, keep in mind we are more interested in the experiences you have lived than the color of your skin or the make-up of your DNA.

Video Assets

Even if you have opted out of screening, we'd like to have your trailer.

Trailer Provide us with a trailer that is less than 59 1/2 seconds in length. The video should be H.264 encoded in any aspect ratio.
Screener Provide us with a screener containing the episode or episodes you would like to have screen at the Minnesota WebFest this year. The video can be encoded in any format.

Video Captions

We require some form of English-language captions/subtitles for all videos (trailers and screeners). They may be Open Captions embedded in the video or Closed Captions as SRT pr VTT files. The one exception: videos with no dialog.

SRT or VTT captions for your trailer.
Embedded/No Dialog
SRT or VTT captions for your screener.
Embedded/No Dialog

Is the file you are uploading a 4K version of the video? Please answer yes only if the aspect ratio is actually a 4K aspect ratio.